Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Shays' Boardwalk AGAIN

May 19, 2015

We made a return visit to the boardwalk near Shays' Rebellion monument today.  It seems that our last "fix" to the problem of diminishing support was not quite satisfactory.  Although we go the boardwalk well supported with new cribs, high water flows moved the cribs downstream to the point where several sections were sagging badly.

Before:  Supports are out of place, boardwalk is pretty treacherous.

We came back today with materials for another crib and proceeded to jack up the sagging sections and drag the cribs back into position so we could fasten them in place, rather than relying on gravity to do the job.

Bob and Silvia pry up boards to get access to top of cribbing at each joint
Jim looks to see how bad things are.  Note crib under walkway is twisted out of position

With walkway jacked up and boards removed, crib can be wrestled into position and attached to walkway

Lunchtime!  Home made cookies from Bob and Mary.

More of the same after lunch, then clean up and head out, hopefully we won't be back...