Friday, March 23, 2012

Mass AT Project Schedule is on-line

We've just completed the AT "Tuesday/Saturday" work party schedule for this season.  You can view it at this link:

We'll keep it updated as things change in response to conditions and reports.  Those of you into Google Docs know you can set a notification  that will e-mail you whenever there is a change to this schedule.  Look for "Notification Rules" under the Tools menu.  If you want to print this document, use the Print icon in the Docs menu rather than the one from your browser.  This will generate a PDF which you can actually print on paper.

This warm weather has pretty much sent the snow downstream, so I would imagine we'll see some early hiking activity very soon.  If you do go out, please be aware that fire conditions are very high this time of year, and even a small spark can set off a quickly spreading brush fire.

Our AT trail volunteers will start getting out on their sections soon, but if anyone encounters trail problems (deep mud, trees down, damage to shelters or campsites, etc), please don't hesitate to contact us

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