Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dalton Kiosk Fabrication

Today (April 10th) was a great day to do some post and beam work to fabricate a new kiosk that will be located at the south end of Dalton on Depot St. Extension. A hearty crew of Pete (in whose drive way we convened for the work), Jim, Sim, Richard, Gene and Joel were soon at work cutting rafters, posts and beams. Pete schooled us in the use of a slick (basically a hand plane with only a blade and offset handle), laying out angles, curves and the mysteries of an antique boring machine for cutting the mortises.
Above, Richard puts the finishing touches on a tenon. Below, Pete shows the intracies of the use of the boring machine. This was quite a contraption and required some practice to get the hole bored precisely where it was wanted. Also used some arm work to drive the bit into the wood.
A good time was had by all and the promised afternoon showers never arrived. Thanks to all who participated and especially to Pete for getting the materials, the use of his driveway and of some pretty neat tools!

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