Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Installing new Trail Kiosk in Dalton

On May 5th we installed the previously fabricated kiosk in Dalton where the AT enters the south side of town.  A combined force of AT Committee members joined by teachers and students from the Craneville Elementary School got the project off to a great start.  Photos by Deborah Araujo.

The post and beam frame was assembled

 Holes for the posts were dug four feet deep

The assembled frame was raised up and slid into the holes.  Cleverly, these holes were the correct distance apart, and the bottoms deep enough to hold the frame level from side to side.

Dirt was packed in around the posts to keep things upright.  Ready for the next hurricane...

Now for the roof rafters.  Interestingly, when combined with the post, they look like the "AT" icon.  Coincidence?

Roof planks installed (32 of them)

Finally, the signature red roof to finish it off.

The plywood display panel was added the following week.  The raw timbers will get a coat of stain next year, after they have had a chance to weather. 

Welcoming northbound hikers to town, the Kiosk will display a map of the AT through Dalton, the location of places of interest to hikers (restaurants, laundry, groceries, hostels), as well as information about Dalton and the surrounding countryside.  Students from Craneville Elementary will provide content for the display and maintain the kiosk and its surroundings.  Projects like this help to connect town residents with the Trail and make hikers even more welcome in this iconic Trail town.

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