Sunday, August 19, 2012

Painting Upper Goose Pond Cabin

August 18th.  Paint for Upper Goose Pond Cabin.

This Saturday, we took advantage of the great weather to get started painting the exterior of the Cabin.  Dave, Don and Cosmo, plus Dave's granddaughter arrived a little after 9am with paint, brushes, scrapers and dropcloths ready to work on the west side of the Cabin.

Our long term plan is to paint one side a year, and we decided to start with the west side, as that sees the worst of the weather.

Don and Dave remove all the loose paint.
We started off scraping off any loose paint, there was quite a bit on the lower half of the wall, as the roof overhang kept the upper part fairly well protected.

Almost done.

Then we opened the paint.  This is all about RED.  We chose "Heritage Red", but this stuff looked even more brilliant out here that it did in the store.  We think it will weather to a slightly less brilliant hue.  The photo's show it a bit more orange than it really is.  The yellow splotches are sunlight coming through the trees.  It actually looks pretty nice, and it will be hard to miss in any weather conditions.

We were wrapped up about 2pm, we'll tackle the next side in 2013.

A thing of beauty.

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