Sunday, May 19, 2013

Season's Opening of Upper Goose Pond Cabin

Yesterday was the day....long awaited by those who love the Upper Goose Pond area and we had a great opening crew of 9 volunteers.  It was a nice warm mostly sunny day for the event that started out as usual with initial opening, removal of the Grumman canoe from the cabin and removal of shutters to let in some light and air.  As this was happening our barge crew of Jim, Mike, Steve and Ellie set to work lashing the canoes together to form a catamaran.  As this year's cargo included a new bear box we needed the capacity afforded by the catamaran. 

Canoes lashed together for large cargo

Once we had transported the cargo from the Leisure Lee dock there was much lugging of the goods up to the cabin.

Above, Steve and Mike carry some heavy loads up the hill.

By mid afternoon we were nearing completion of the opening tasks with all the materials stored, cabin cleaned out, canoes out, water brought over from the spring, gas hooked up and pilots lit, etc.  There sure was an impressive supply of consumables including pancake mix and syrup to store!

Pete brings some supplies into the cabin

Last job for the day was floating and assembling the dock.  With the prep work done by Pete and now having done this a few times it didn't take long to get it all assembled and floating. 
With Mike and Penny's arrival for the first week of caretaking we took our leave and headed back down the hill, satisfied with another great day at Upper Goose Pond.  Pete returned to the cabin today (Sunday) to complete a few jobs and reports that Mike and Penny had a very successful first night with 7 guests! 
Thanks to all who helped out and welcome to Ruth, Michael and Ellie, our newest caretakers who joined in the days efforts.

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