Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Roof for North Wilcox Privy

Working on privies  is never a pleasurable project, but they do need maintenance and care from time to time, so.......early this week our small crew headed to North Wilcox to replace the roof.  The roof on this privy had several holes in it and was generally in poor shape.  Also, the roof panels used barely covered the roof resulting in rotted fascia boards at the roof edges. 

We decided to nail short 2X4's to the front and back of the privy so we could tip it over on it's side making access to the roof easy. 

After removing the old roof, which took all of about 5 minutes, we built an extended roof structure from 2X4's to make the roof slightly larger affording more protection to the sides of the privy.  After nailing on the new fascia boards it was time to cut the hole in the first new roof panel to go around the privy vent.

Above Don screws the first panel down after much fiddling with the hole for the vent.  These fiberglass roof panels are not easy to cut but we finally made a satisfactory job of it and gooped up the join where the vent passes through the roof panel.  The rest of the roof panels went on easily with a minor problem to deal with.  We did not buy enough of the wood closure strips which are laid under the paneling to match up the corrugated underside of the panels with the flat 2X4 roof framing.  We solved this problem by leaving the bottom left side of the new roof unsecured.  It will be a quick job to return with the necessary closure strip and a screw gun finishing the job. 
With Silvia starting the painting we finished the roof job before tipping the privy back upright.
Here you see the nearly finished job which was shortly done and open for business.  It was a full days work so we packed up our tools and the old roofing and headed back to our vehicles.  The day held one last surprise.  We noticed a rather friendly hawk hanging out where the AT crosses Beartown Mtn road on our way into the project in the morning.  He (she?) was waiting for us on our return and even let me get a picture:

And so ended another great day of fun in the woods!  Checkout our Project Schedule for upcoming events and join us if you'd like.

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