Sunday, November 16, 2014

Upper Goose Pond Cabin, preparing for a new roof

September 13, 2014

In preparation for a 2015 replacement of the roof of Upper Goose Pond Cabin, metal roofing was floated into the Cabin via canoe from our trail neighbors, Leisure Lee.

Jim and Pete discuss the fine points of lashing two canoes into a single barge, while Tom Evans and Sue Spring look on.

14 foot long pieces are stacked onto the canoe "barge".

Squeezing in carefully around the cargo, paddlers prepare to shove off.
Backing water, we're on the way.

Two trips saw all the roof panels landed at the UGPC dock, where they were dried, and carried into the boathouse for storage over the winter.

In the spring and early summer, scaffolding will be constructed alongside the cabin and the old roof covering stripped off.  Any needed repairs to the roof sheathing and chimney will be performed, and the new panels installed.
The Cabin is expected to remain open during the work.

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