Sunday, May 14, 2017

Upper Goose Pond Cabin Opening Day

You just know that the hiking season is upon us when the cabin is open, so welcome to another hiking season! 
Yesterday our crew of 8 (later joined by Joanne for a total of 9) headed up the hill shortly after 9AM to open the cabin for the season. At the blue blaze trail, Russ headed east to the AT to post the cabin open sign while the rest of us continued to the cabin.   Due to the pending rain and the fact that a couple of our crew had to leave early, we tackled the dock first. With the pieces afloat we left Cosmo and Juliana to finish up the bolting together process while the rest of the crew went back up the hill to the cabin. 

  Joanne and Bonnie tackled the kitchen; Jim, Russ, Hank and Dave tackled the shutters; Juliana and Cosmo paddled over to the Leisure Lee dock to pickup the goods Joanne had left there and Pete got the wash table and personal wash stations setup.   There after every one took a chore or 2 from the list and by shortly before noon the list of items yet to be done was getting pretty slim, so a lunch break was declared.  Here's a couple photos of the mornings activities:

After finishing up the few remaining items, Dave, Russ and Hank headed downhill while Pete got a fire going in the fireplace (the rain had not started yet but it was chilly).  Shortly Bonnie and then Julianna also left as the list was pretty much done. Juliana met Mike and Penny headed up the hill with quite a load.  Rumor has it Julianna gave them a hand bringing a load up to the cabin. 

Cosmo and Jim made an attempt to install the new sign frame at the channel entrance, but we will have to come up with another plan as the digging was just impossible.

Lastly, here's a shot of Pete touching up the AT logo on our new canoe earlier in the week on a beautiful spring day.
So, cabin's open folks let the fun begin!

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