Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cheshire Bog Bridge Rehab and Open Area Work

Today our crew of volunteers took just a bit over an hour to rehab the bog bridging just trail south of Rt 8 in Cheshire.  John, the maintainer for this section, had cleared out the brush and grasses really well so it was easy to get at the bog bridges.  We replaced 8 base logs and were able to reuse all the 2X6 stringers.  Here's a pic of the crew at work on the project:

We reset the bog bridge sections on top of the soil/vegetation which raised them a good 4" as they had sunk into the mucky soil over the years.  We also recovered a section of bog bridging that had been used by a neighbor to "bridge" the highway drainage ditch.  It was put to good use on the AT in this section.  A final pic of the happy crew:

With this part of the work done, we headed up to Outlook Ave and the Reynolds Rock pasture.  We cleared out brush and small trees hiding the rock from hikers as they approached north bound so they now get a nice view of the rock.  After lunch we started mowing and trimming around the rough spots the brush hog cannot go without fear of destruction.  Sorry no pics as the rain arrived about 2PM and that was that.  Mike Balewender plans to arrive tomorrow and brush hog the pasture for us as he has the last several years. 

Another fine day in the "woods".  Looking forward to the next one.

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