Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nopel Shelter Work Completed

July 7th, Nopel Shelter Completed?

A team of 6 headed to Nopel Shelter to complete the final phase of the rehab started last year with assistance from the Boy Scouts and ALDHA volunteers.  In June we were able to get the new roofing material installed, but could not complete a new roof for the privy and stain the shelter and privy.  Today, we almost completed these objectives.

We were able to carry in the lumber and skylight material to re-build the roof for the privy and some stain for the shelter.  We had a slight incident with getting the stain from the cans to the paint buckets and didn't have quite enough to finish the privy--but the shelter looks great with a new roof and a new coat of stain!

Kevin and Don give the shelter a great new look
Thanks to all for a great project, started pretty much a year ago when Scout Troop 3 came up to re-build the stone platform in front of the shelter in addition to a lot of other smaller projects at the overnight site.
Steve removes the old roof

Steve assembles the new roof frame

As of today, we have to put about another quart of stain on the privy, and shift the privy on it's base--it's just about full.
New roof is in place, Kevin spreads the remaining stain.

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