Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Signs for Upper Goose Pond

July 6th, New Signs for Upper Goose Pond

Quite the team assembled for the final phase of this project.  In an earlier post (March 25th) I described the process of making the new signs for the  channel between Goose Pond and  Upper Goose Pond.  Today we had much of the AT Committee in attendance to perform the final installation (the great swimming later in the afternoon might have had something to do with it too).

Upper Goose Pond is a National Park Service Natural Area, completely surrounded by donated land acquired for the Appalachian Trail Corridor.   This sign provides information regarding regulations for boaters on the Upper Pond.

The original sign (see photo above) was located about half way down the narrow channel between the ponds.  We felt that a location visible from the lower pond would be more helpful for boaters who decide to turn around before entering the channel.

We chose a site on the shoreline in full view of boaters approaching from the lower pond.

Digging into the sandy soil was fairly easy, tho we soon struck water.

John and Don work to free a rock from the bottom of the hole.

 Holes for the hanging hardware (recycled from the original sign) are laid out.

Pete drills the holes while Don and John hold the sign upside down for easier access.

The completed frame is raised and set into the holes, then the signs threaded onto the hardware.

Pete adds some anti-tampering enhancements to the hardware holding the signs.

Completed--good for another 20 years!  We'll come and stain the supporting frame after it has weathered for a year or so.

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