Friday, September 21, 2012

Return to Race Brook

The rains of Tuesday forced a one day delay in our planned return to our bridge rebuild work along Race Brook to Wednesday when Richard and I headed back up the hill.  Race Brook was running full tilt making the 2 crossings without bridges a bit dicey, but we made it across without getting wet.  Once at the site we set to work getting our snagged hemlock down.  With help of a come-a-long we tried pulling it sideways off the oak holding it up, no joy.  Plan B, rotating it off the oak gave the same result, no joy.  But Plan C, worked like a charm.  A hinge made 5' up from the butt cut folded nicely with the come-a-long pulling and delivered the trunk just where we needed it!
Above you see the stringer cut from the trunk enroute to the work area.

The come-a-long was a huge help in not only felling the snag, but in moving the log to the work area, indeed it could not have been done otherwise with just the 2 of us.  Further it was much easier and safer than 4 of us using log carriers as we had done with the first stringer log.  Below is another picture showing how we pulled the 2nd stringer into the work area with Richard working the come-a-long.

When all was said and done we had both stringers and both sill logs in the work area.  Matt had finished debarking the first stringer and sill and the second stringer and sill are now ready for debarking. 

It was a tired but happy crew that descended the hill satisfied with the results of the days efforts.


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