Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Day at Race Brook

On Wednesday Oct 3rd we returned to Race Brook to continue work on the bridge repair.  It was a damp misty but warm day and the ususal suspects (Richard and me) were joined by Dave and Adam for the day.

On arrival we set to work getting the sills down to the stream side and set firmly on their rock beds. A bit more rock work was needed before we were happy with the result, but we soon had them planted as you can see in the photo.

Next was to maneuver the first sill down the slope and get it across the stream. This called for some tricky rigging.   

 Lunchtime found us looking with satisfaction at the result with the stringer sitting on the sills.  We noted that a key tool was missing making our manuvers much more difficult than need be.  A good cant hook would make this work much easier!


After lunch we set to work getting the 2nd stringer down to stream side.  This time it went quicker as we all knew how to operate the come-a-long, set the rigging and change it as the move progressed. We did have to make sure the small end of the 2nd stringer was in position to go across the stream to match up with the first one which had the big end on the far side. 

 After some work on debarking and securing both stringers in place, we departed pleased with our progress and already thinking about our next work day on the soon to be new bridge.

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