Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Culvert for UGPC Access

June 27, 2015  DPW on the AT

Jim, Pete, Dave and Cosmo  (with a lot of help from Trail neighbor Jim Morawiec and his tractor) replaced the broken culvert on the UGPC caretaker access road yesterday.  Earlier in the same day Pete and neighbor Jim installed a drive-over water bar further up the slope.  Hopefully this will limit some of the erosion on this section of road.

Dan and Pete pull out the old pieces.
Getting the old culvert out proved to be fairly simple.  It was not a very heavy piece of pipe, in fact, it appeared to be part of an old water heater.

Once the old culvert was removed, we dug out a wider trench to make room for the new pipe.  This pipe was donated by DCR.

The new pipe was laid on a gravel bed, and pitched downhill slightly.
Jim sets the bottom bed of gravel

The right way to move gravel
After the pipe was set correctly, more gravel was dumped on top and alongside to hold it firmly in place.   Trail neighbor Jim, brought his tractor out to play, so transporting the 10 tons of gravel for this project was not such a chore

Gravel was mounded up slightly to provide as much protection for the pipe as possible.  Please drive slowly over this repair until things settle in.

Pete and Dan set the final contours

Successful Load Test

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