Sunday, June 28, 2015

North Adams Kiosk Relocation

6/28/15--How do you move a Kiosk?

You get a really big tractor.  Joshua Moran, a North Adams resident who is organizing the North Adams application to ATC's AT Community program organized a small crew (and a really big forklift) from Maxymillian, a local construction company.

The Kiosk's former location was well off the trail and not easily seen by hikers and local community members.  Joshua secured a site on the grounds of Mount Greylock Elementary School, which also happens to be right on the A.T. as it enters North Adams from the south.  

On a rainy Sunday morning, Joshua with Jim and Don from Maxymillian uprooted the kiosk from it's original location and trundled it to its new one.

Easing it out of the ground
Ready for transport, operator Don will drive his rig in reverse for better visibility

With a left turn onto Phelps Ave, the kiosk is officially on the AT.

With Mt Williams looming to the south the kiosk is almost home

Interestingly, as we were setting the thing into place, ultra-runner Scott Jureck (attempting to set a speed record on the A.T.) was passing through, headed to Vermont.
Jureck (in dark jacket, center) 

Scott checks out our work before heading north

Lowering into place

Braced and ready for concrete to be poured around the bases

Joshua makes a last minute check before the concrete arrives.
This view is northbound on the Trail

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